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Goldfaden MD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Natural Facial Cleanser - (5 oz)

SKU: Goldfaden_GFMD02
Details: A daily multi-tasking advanced cleanser that dissolves impurities,      removing dead skin, excess oil, and makeup in one simple step.

Removes surface oils, dirt and impurities
Skin will feel firmer and appear smoother
Leaves skin fresh and appearing clear

Brand: Brand founder, Dr. Gary Goldfaden has a love and passion for skincare, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. He has been a Dermatologist for over 40 years. Inspired by his in-office experiences, Dr. Goldfaden develops innovative and technologically advanced skincare solutions that provide results, well-tolerated even by those with sensitive skin.

The highly efficacious, non-prescription skincare solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies with active plant cells and anti-oxidant rich botanicals.

All packaging has been made with love and care from recyclable materials.