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Get Fresh Hydrating Body Butter - Lemongrass

Brand: Get Fresh
SKU: GetFresh_BodyButter_LemonGrass_8oz


8 oz


The Hydrating Body Butter is jam-packed with an exotic mix of antioxidants, botanicals, multivitamins, and tropical nut oils. This whipped creme wonder absorbs quickly, is never greasy, and leaves your skin supple and noticeably softer.

Brand Info

Get Fresh is a family run Bath and Body business that began proudly serving their customers from their corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, California in the fall of 1997. They are a company that at their core is really in the customer service business; they just happen to sell the best smelling, Spa-strength, Botanical based products out there! Their passion lies in providing our customers with the very best in everything they do.