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Folly Fire Syncope Palette Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette 0.48 oz

Brand: Folly Fire
SKU: FollyFire_FFE0001


  • Lose yourself in our beautiful world of pastel dreams and shimmer-coated visions created by this palette of multi-finish eyeshadows. Design mind-bending looks that are both stylish and flattering to all skin tones.
  • This 9-pan eyeshadow palette is formulated fragrance-free with natural plant oils to provide a smooth application and a lasting coverage.
  • Extremely blendable formula with minimum fallout. Ultra-vibrant colors that suit a variety of skin tones. Infused with Oat Kernel, Blackcurrant and Jojoba oils to provide a naturally smooth and lasting coverage
  • MATTE SHADES : Swoon (Bright Green), Ether (Pastel Blue), Blackout (Jet Black) SHIMMER SHADES : Trance (Metallic Teal), Nirvana (Swamp Green), Sentient (Metallic Blue), Amnesia (Crystalline White), Mirage (Shimmery Copper), Abyss (Royal Brown)



Folly Fire takes lovers of color and freedom to the promised land. The brash, modern collection has pretty prices without sacrificing quality or any other modern must-haves. Their products are made in Italy, are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben- and gluten-free & created with added plant-oils or extracts to provide a gorgeous natural finish without irritating the skin.

“We’re action driven, always full of ideas and energy. We live in the moment and focus on the now. We are allergic to BS, live for the drama, for the honest emotions and the expression of boundless, free love. Lies can be fun, but that’s for the weak. We speak what’s in our hearts and are transparent with what goes into our products. We believe in the Universe – that things fall into their places, but we must do everything in our power make make sh!t happen. And even if we can’t always get that wing right, we’ll never give up trying. So neither should you!” – Pete & Lukas, Founders.