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Erbe Matte Finish Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

Brand: Erbe
SKU: erbe_91381
  • ERBE-NAIL SCISSORS with micro blade, nickel-plated out of stainless steel with shine finish.
  • The small blades allow for easy nail cutting that can be done with one fluid motion, it avoids slip while cutting, making for safer nail cutting.
  • Perfect for cutting children’s nails
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY - these tools are not cheap Asian imitations. These items are handcrafted by adult artisans in Solingen, Germany.
  • ETHICALLY MADE - Each item is handcrafted in a socially and environmentally responsible facility that refuses to contribute to the growing issues of child or slave labor.


ERBE® Solingen

offers a variety of body care and beauty products, with which we can provide beautiful hands in no time, let brittle feet to showcase feet and pluck our eyebrows in a great shape. For care on the go, there are nail care instruments as sets in noble, high-quality leather manicure cases and practical toiletry bags

in many colors and sizes.

The Men's range includes exclusive shaving sets, single razors and
silvertip badger shaving brushes, as well as masculine scented shaving and beard care products
from Mondial and Taylor of Old Bond Street - the iconic barber brands of Italy and England.