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Belegenza EnCore Leave-In Natural Conditioner 3.3 oz

Brand: Belegenza
SKU: Belegenza_EnCoreLeave-InConditioner
EnCore can be used with any styling products, preferably from Belegenza, yet it supercharges other brands! On natural hair (not relaxed), controls & deepen curls, or blowout for luxurious smooth finish. On curly hair, let dry naturally and/or use a small amount to tame flyaways and keep soft curl formation (no crunch). On tinted or relaxed hair, add for strength, seal ends, moisturize, and enrich depth of color. Used as a finishing aid, to restore bounce and body to wand-curled hair, eliminating the need for hairspray. Soft to the touch hair...every time. As learned from our Hollywood stylists, use this amazing leave in as a styling/finishing cream. Simply rub one pump in your hands until just slightly tacky, then push, scrunch and shape the hair for a most remarkable finish! ( We didn't believe it until we tried it ourselves! Curls LOVE THIS!) Curly hair: team up with Taffy about half and half. To blowout curly hair apply EnCore then mix with Taffy or Simply Smooth (read directions of Simply Smooth). Fine hair: mix with PerForm Control Styling Gel (use more gel than EnCore). Coarse or stiff hair: use more Encore than PerForm Control Styling gel to give a very soft finish. Split ends or dull dry looking hair: use with SpotLite Shine S500, mix 3 drops Spotlite, to 1 pump EnCore.