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DuWop Cosmetics Lip Venom Trio 2

SKU: Duwop_MiniLipVenomTrio2


DuWop's introduces a NEW Mini Venom Trio that's perfect for any occasion. Packaged in the cutest little tin, this new trio comes with mini sizes of the original Lip Venom, Pink Shimmer Lip Venom, and introduces Lip Venom 2nd Sin.

Lip Venom was the very first lip plumper on the market, creating the lip plumping category for the beauty industry. The tingly gloss uses essential oils to enhance lips' natural color and shape by increasing circulation. The result: fuller bee stung lips.

Pink Shimmer Lip Venom contains the same formula as Lip Venom, spiked with gorgeous pink shimmer to give lips extra sheen for the fullest, flashiest pout.

Lip Venom, 2nd Sin contains a blend of secret essential oils similar to those found in the original Lip Venom, but what makes 2nd Sin different is its amazing cooling effect. The crisp, refreshing combination of Maxi Lip and DuWop's patented ingredient, Cool Act��® (a non-menthol cooling substitute) infused with powerful anti-oxidants like pomegranate and white tea extracts gives you plump beautiful lips with a refreshing cool feeling. Once applied, results are immediate as the lips begin to swell continuously for hours.


Modern Beauty Solutions that women can’t live without.

As one of the most innovative brands in beauty, DuWop has made a name for itself by figuring out what women need and creating it.

With high-quality ingredients and a collection of cool, problem solving products that you can't live without; DuWop brings you “Modern Beauty Solutions.”