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Dry Divas Designer Shower Cap For Women - Washable, Reusable - Large Bouffant Cap With Vintage Jeweled Brooch (Lotza Dotza)

Brand: Dry Divas
SKU: DryDivas_LargeBouffant_LotzaDotza

Lotza Dotza

*The ribbon color and embellishments may vary from the photo shown.

The elastic stays put and keeps your hair 100% dry.

The longevity will blow your diva mind! Our shower caps last up to 2-3 years.

Machine washable – delicate cycle, inside out, cold. Air dry. 


"My teenage daughter, Isabel and I are big fans of shower caps. The problem was that we were constantly replacing them weekly (at the most) and I thought to myself why isn’t there a shower cap that is large, lasts for a long time, fashionable, and actually works? Fast-forward to my creation of Dry Divas. My Dry Divas “bouffant” Shower Caps are all that and more. I can’t tell you how many people call and write to us that finally there is a large, roomy, shower cap that doesn’t let water seep in and lasts for years. We spend so much money on our hair so why wouldn’t we preserve it. Whether you get a blow out, have extensions, get your hair set in rollers, or just are in a hurry and want to shower and run out the door; Dry Divas will cover it."