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David Mallett Body Lotion No.1: L'Hydration, 250 ml

SKU: David Mallett_BLOT-01

Details: A moisturizing lotion for daily use. Protects and depply nourishes the skin.
Moisturises, protects, regenerates and repairs skin.

Key Ingredients


Carry potent antioxidants and also has impressive anti-inflammatory properties.


Antioxidant benefits that repair the skin

Shea butter

Provides protection for your skin thanks to its regeneratice and repairing virtues

Size: 250ml

Use: Apply on skin and massage gently until it is absorbed. For best possible results, use this product daily.

Brand: Combining absolute glamour with a distinct point of view on practicality and naturalness.

I believe that hair should look amazing in the real world, not just for the time when one is in the salon. My philosophy is about being practical, about showing clients how to have beautiful hair even when I won’t be there with them.


— David Mallett