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D.J.V. MIARAY Fiberwig Mascara


Say sayonara to fussy falsies and pricy lash extensions with Japan's #1 seller - d.j.v. MIARAY's "Paint-On False Lashes" Fiberwig Mascara! This super buildable, fiber-rich liquid extends lashes to your desired length, maintaining sleek and clump-free throughout the layers. Japan's innovative Film Coating Technology coats each individual lash in a tear-proof, sweat-proof film, so the 'false lash' finish won't smudge or flake, but can be easily removed with just warm water.

The Four Benefits:

Astonishing Length: The more applied, the longer the lashes! Fibers extend the tips of your lashes with every coat. The glossy formula tapers to a pointed tip making lashes look completely natural.
No Panda Eyes: The film coating repels oil, sweat, tears and even friction!
Easy Removal: No need for makeup remover! The unique film absorbs warm water and slides easily off of lashes, preventing damage to lashes.
Beautifying Ingredients: Royal jelly, honey and several other ingredients moisturize and condition lashes during wear.