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CocoTaps Coconut Tapper Easy Opening Tool

Brand: CocoTaps
SKU: CocoTaps Coconut Tapper


WORLD'S FIRST EVER: Coconut Tool Kit that includes resealable patent pending taps so you can save your coconut water for later!
INCLUDES: One (1) CocoTaps USA Made stainless steal high quality coconut hand-drill tapper and two (2) Coco Taps Reusable Taps to reseal your fresh coconut water.


No more cutting your coconuts open anymore, simply twist the drill into the coconut with minimal pressure. Insert the green Coco Tap and screw into the hole. Insert a straw or drink right from the tap for NO-SPILL enjoyment!
Now you can drink fresh coconut water just like you would drink any other beverage through the no-spill Coco Tap. Then reseal and store in your fridge to finish later. Perfect for taking on the road too!

Brand Info

The CocoTap tool is the only 100 percent Made in USA, BPA Free, and dishwasher-safe coconut water system. Now, CocoVinny can bring CocoTaps coconuts to businesses that are tired of hearing news about plastic in the ocean and an undernourished society. In partnership with businesses that want to see a zero waste future, CocoTaps can retrieve all of the plastic CocoTaps for sterilization and can cycle them back into use.