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CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream (Warm Medium) Lightweight All-In-One Primer and Foundation That Contains SPF 50

SKU: CLE_CCCcream_WarmMedium


CCC Cream, which stands for Color Control & Change, is a multi-functional BB cream and CC cream, combining the various benefits of all-in-one skin care, foundation, primer and sun protection.

  • Micro Capsule Technology
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++, Fragrance-Free
  • Light to Medium Coverage

Less is more for our CCC Cream! Apply a pea sized amount of CCC Cream to your face with your fingertips and blend from the center outwards. The CCC Cream will appear white, mauve, or mustard yellow at first. As you blend the cream onto the skin, the capsules release the pigment. The pigment will slowly adjust to your skin tone, seamlessly enhancing the canvas of your skin. It can be worn as a lightweight foundation or as a makeup base.