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Careline Revival + Overnight Correcting Cream 50ml

SKU: Careline_RevivalOvernightCream

To strengthen skin tissues and fibers  With unique conducting technology PDS®

For optimal penetration of active ingredients deep into the cell*


Night Cream strengthen skin tissues and fibers

 With the years your skin is exposed to climatic damages and is influenced by hormonal changes. Collagen fibers are weakened, mineral levels are diminished, and the skin becomes weak, thin and fragile.

  Revival 55+

From the Careline laboratories is based on a unique scientific patent; the PDS conducting method that assists active ingredients in creams to penetrate deeply and effectively into the skin. For treatment of mature and sagging skin.

  Night Cream

 Is especially rich and contains a mineral complex enriched with a high concentration of active ingredients to strengthen skin texture and blur existing wrinkles. The skin looks smoother, tighter and radiant.


In the evening, after thoroughly cleaning skin, generously smooth in the night cream on face, neck and exposed areas using circular motions.


Rockland Cosmetics Inc. is an Authorized importer and distributer for the largest Israeli Cosmetics manufacturers such as Careline consumer goods & Marvell Cosmetics Ltd. Careline manufactures several brands which include; Careline, Natural Formula, Shuki Zikri, Neca & Titanium. Marvell manufatures L'Orchid, True Love, Adam & Eve etc. 

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