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Brilliant Black Oil Pulling, Natural Ayurvedic Blend of Activated Charcoal and Coconut Oil, Oil Pulling Mouthwash Rinse with Peppermint Essential Oil - Terra and Co.

Brand: Terra & Co
SKU: Terra&Co_BBO


  • CONQUER THE WORLD WITH A BRILLIANT SMILE – Get fresher breath and healthier mouth with Terra and Co. Brilliant Black Oil Pulling. Be more confident with your dental and oral health by adding oil pulling rinse to your tooth and gum care routine.
  • POWERFUL AYURVEDIC BLEND – It is made with the naturally powerful combination of coconut oil and activated charcoal. Plus, there’s Peppermint Essential Oil to ensure great taste and calming minty sensation. No alcohol, artificial flavors or coloring.
  • GREAT FOR ORAL HEALTH AND HYGIENE – Our natural oil pulling combats bad breath. It also keeps the gums moisturized by promoting a healthy amount of saliva secretion to fight dry mouth.
  • ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN E – This oil pulling blend is rich in Vitamin E which provides effective relief to inflammation or irritation in the gums. It is gentle and suits even the most sensitive teeth and gums.
  • DESIGN MADE FOR GREENER PLANET – From our Brilliant Black Oil Pulling to its packaging, we keep the Mother Earth in mind. We use only natural blend of oils in black ultraviolet glass bottle to protect ingredients from all visible rays. Please recycle with glass.


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