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Branché Charmeuse Case, Queen/Standard, Crème

Brand: Branché
SKU: Branche_CC-CrèmeQ


  • Sleep in luxury. Wake up Beautiful.
  • Transform your pillow into a luxurious pampering beauty treatment. Extraordinarily glossy and luxurious, Branché Silk is simply without rival.
  • The exceptionally smooth surface of Branché proprietary weave of silk pampers you with superior glide and beauty benefits.
  • Prevent Wrinkles, Boost Skin Hydration, Reduce Hair Loss, Frizz & Tangles, Extend the Life of Favorite Hair Styles, Add Volume & Shine
  • Branché exclusive weave of silk is offered in eleven beautiful shades. Size: Standard/Queen


Branché takes beauty sleep to whole new level. Encompassing the natural healing and restorative properties of silk, our products are created to provide luxurious pampering and a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Branché proprietary weave of silk is offered in eleven beautiful shades, these and all of Branché products are developed by designer creator Donna Hinds Gaynor, a leader in the design and textile industry since 1989, with over 20 years of textiles and design experience ensuring exceptional detail to comfort, fit, craftsmanship, and quality.

Branché exclusive quality and craftsmanship has gained a customer base that includes the world’s most exclusive spas, hotels, beauty apothecaries, linen shoppes and gift boutiques.