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Boucleme Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo

Brand: Boucleme
SKU: Boucleme_1131


Give your scalp ‘that Friday feeling’ with our rich exfoliating shampoo. Specially created to cleanse and energise, this sumptuous new addition to the Boucleme range will treat your head to a spa-style detox, leaving you with healthy, sassy curls. 

Refresh and soothe: Uplifting properties of Spearmint and Sweet Orange, combined with soothing Marjoram, will invigorate your scalp with a gentle cooling sensation, whilst being kind to delicate skin.

Clarify and cleanse: Your scalp is fragile, so our hydrogenated castor beads will softly exfoliate, stimulating hair follicles for healthy growth and removing those clogging nasties - dead skins cells and product build up.

Prep and pamper. Our shampoo is not only a cool customer, it’s clever too. With its luxurious creamy texture, your scalp will feel fresh and revitalised, yet also fully indulged. 

250 ML


For optimum hair care, use once a month and follow with the Boucleme Intense Moisture Treatment.

About Boucleme

“I created Bouclème out of a desire to have healthy, frizz free curls using all natural ingredients. I was frustrated with the sulphate and silicone based curl products available. They stripped away moisture and weighed down my curls. I wanted to create a range of products using pure natural actives that deliver moisture where it’s needed and that with long-term use would improve the condition of curls. Bouclème natural curl care was born out of an authentic love and respect for curls, created by one curly for others.”