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Blomus Limbo Charcoal Watering Can 1.5L, 1.5 L

Brand: Blomus
SKU: Blomus_65408



Blomus Watering Can is a convenient, easy to hold, attractive design. Water your plants with ease and keep this as part of your gardening essentials for years to come.  Spout is 12 1/4'' long and 1/2'' diameter.  Fill opening is 2 1/4''.  13 3/4'' x 4'' x 10 1/2''. Available in a variety of colors including: white, anthracite (black), and taupe.

  • Holds 1.5 liters / 50 ounces
  • Polished stainless steel and composite


blomus is synonymous with intelligent, minimalist, and functional design for the contemporary home. Founded in 1961 and rooted in the German tradition of exceptional quality and highly skilled craftsmanship, we have built our success on a firm belief in the honesty of materials, the purity of shape, and the necessity of a passionate approach.