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Blancreme 200ml Bath & Shower Cream (Rose)

Brand: Blancreme
SKU: Blancreme_RoseShowerCream806711


Sweet moments, all pink with our rose scented bath and shower cream. Its formula is enriched with shea butter extracts with nourishing benefits for the skin. Its scent is sweet and light like that of the queen of bouquets. In shower gel or bath foam, ideal to look beautiful like a flower when leaving the bathroom!

Shea Butter is a great ingredient for hydration! Its vitamins A, D, E, F and fatty acids help nourish and soften your skin naturally.

As desired, apply to the skin during the shower, or lather under the jet of water for a relaxing bath.

The 330mL bottle is made of glass, its use in the shower is not recommended for safety reasons.