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Blancreme 200ml Bath & Shower Cream (Blueberry)

Brand: Blancreme
SKU: Blancreme_BlueberryShowerCream807060


Very popular in many pastries, blueberries are naturally associated with gluttony . It was therefore just as natural for us to add its blue and sweet notes in our dear shower bath creams. In the shower or in the bath, it offers you a generous foam and a deliciously fruity fragrance . Yum !

Shea Butter is a great ingredient for hydration! Its vitamins A, D, E, F and fatty acids help nourish and soften your skin naturally.

As desired, apply to the skin during the shower, or lather under the jet of water for a relaxing bath.
The 330mL bottle being made of glass, its use in the shower is not recommended for safety reasons.