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BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare Replenish and Renew Night Cream Moisturizer, 100% Natural Probiotics and Superfoods for Healthy Skin Nutrition, 1.7 oz.

SKU: Biomilk_NightCream


Probiotic Complex for skin oxygenation and renewal

Stressed skin will look dull and tired. At night switch from protection to intense repair mode.

Ultra-caring cream helps your skin breath better to support overnight renewal. Feed your skin right with natural probiotics and superfoods to help speed-up the natural anti-inflammatory process, and wake-up to a refreshed youthful complexion!

1.7 oz (50 mL)

Hypoallergenic │ Dermatologist-Tested │ Non-Comodogenic

Natural skin superfoods:

Probiotics: natural proprietary blend of proven strains
  • Shea Butter: Therapeutic moisturizer, naturally rich in skin-replenishing fatty acids
  • Chia Seed: Ancient grain high in minerals, proteins and omega-3s
  • Seaweed: Known to hydrate, soften and detoxify
  • Soy: Hydrating proteins known to help even skin tone and texture
  • Green Tea: Antioxidant and anti-irritant properties. Helps fight damaging free-radicals
  • Açai: The highest free radical fighting power of any food. Helps maintain a youthful complexion
  • Olive Oil: Rich in omega 6 and 9 that stimulate your skin’s natural renewal and regeneration process


Healthy, Natural, Probiotic Skincare

Where smart, clinically-proven Probiotics (like the ones in your morning yogurt or kombucha) meet natural potent Superfoods to feed your skin the healthy nutrition it craves!

Our passion: health!

Body and mind. And good health starts with what we eat.

BIOMILK products are ALWAYS: Natural & Safe, Gentle, and Cruelty-free