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Big Kizzy Remover 1, Release & Reuse, 32oz Salon Size + Free 8oz, Tape In Hair Extension Remover, Tested & Proven Fastest & Easiest Adhesive Remover, Professional Quality

Brand: Big Kizzy
SKU: BigKizzy_ExtensionRemover_Bundle_32oz8oz

Tape Hair Extension Remover for Removal & Adhesive Residue


  • Includes: 8 oz Bottle of Release and Reuse + 2 oz of Remove & Residue
  • Removes tape in extensions in 10 seconds!
  • Big Kizzy's Release and Reuse + Remove & Residue are "wow Tape Hair Extension Removers for removing tape extensions and dealing with the residue left behind.  
  • Remover 1 | Release & Reuse is an oil free tape hair extension remover that neutralizes the stickiness of the tape so it can be removed  in one piece - instead of a million little pieces.
  • Remover 2 | Remove & Residue is an oil based tape hair extension remover designed to deal with the sticky residue often left behind in the hair after remove tape hair extensions.


You can use Remover 2 to remove tape in hair extensions, however, we recommend using Remover 1 to take out your tape in hair extensions. After removing the tape extensions follow with Remover 2.

If you do use Tape Hair Extension Remover 2 to take out your tape extensions - you must thoroughly shampoo your tape extensions before applying new tape,

Removal: Start with Tape Hair Extension Remover 1 | Release & Reuse. Spray onto tape sandwich. Insert a metal tipped comb between the two panels, and move back & forth. Spray again, wait 30 seconds and remove from hair.

Rinse: Shampoo your natural hair and if you used it on the tape extensions. Shampoo 1 to 2 times to remove this oil based product.

Residue Removal: Spray Tape Hair Extension Remover 2 | Remove & Residue onto residue and comb in a downward direction to remove residue. Shampoo everything 1 to 2 times to remove this oil based product.

For excessive sticky tape residue, use Tape Hair Extension Remover 3 |  Recon & Residue.