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Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker (formaldehyde-free)

Brand: Belegenza
SKU: Belegenza_SimplySmooth_HumidityBlocker
A unique food-grade fusion that straightens curl and frizz over time the more you use it. Excellent for controlling multi-textured curl patterns. This is a natural alternative to harsh chemical relaxers and straighteners. A gentle straightening process which smoothes the curl structure and takes up to 30 applications to get full results. It is very gentle and effective. Remember that your new growth keeps coming, so once desired straightening is achieved on mid-shaft continue to apply to new growth and/or problem areas. Safe for all hair types and is compatible with relaxers, keratin treatments and is safe for children. On excessively curly long hair, use as a dressing when braiding and after several uses, see softness and control without having used chemicals. Lye-free/ sodium and calcium hydroxide-free/ formaldehyde-free/salt-free. Use as a styling aid for gentle softening of the curl. Target stubborn curl/frizz/or new growth. Controls humidity and leaves hair with a healthy bounce, and is quite simply the best straightener available. Best price and lowest price & bestselling straightener Simply Straight is here, at and is available at this price for a limited time as a best selling hair straightener.