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Bear Bowl Camping Cookware Pot

SKU: BearMinimum_BABBL001


32 oz


  • The Bear Bowl 32 oz cooking pot, pan, skillet, wok and bowl that folds flat for easy compact storage and weighs only 7 ounces.
  • The ultralight and compact Bear Bowl folds flat to 4.5” x 5” x 1” - Perfect for backpacking, camping, ultralight, RV, snowmobile, canoeing, kayaking, prepping, travel and more.
  • The Bear Bowl cooking pot is compatible with all controlled flame camp stoves including iso-propane, alcohol, and solid fuel cubes. Includes 12 feet of 7-strand 550 Survival Paracord on the convenient carry handle.
  • Aluminum base plate efficiently transfers heat to your food for faster cooking and lower fuel usage. Lab tested food grade PTFE coated fiberglass material for durability and toughness in the backcountry.
  • Opens on both sides to flip a pancake, burger or stir eggs, etc. After cooking, simply un-snap the Bear Bowl, wipe clean, and fold for easy compact storage.

Brand Info

We’ve always been fascinated with great camping and survival gear. That fascination has driven our innovative nature to solve problems for the outdoors. At an early stage we saw the need for cookware to be more compact, but the only options available were smaller versions of kitchen pots and pans that were already on the market. Nesting pots are okay but we knew there had to be a more innovative solution.