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Aromatique Tique & Stone Onyx Brass Decorative Fragrance Candle (Elderflower Vetiver, 12oz)

Brand: Aromatique
SKU: Aromatique_ElderVetiver120z41141

  • Tique Stone is a wellness brand designed to help you take a minute out of your busy day and look inward. Promoting mindfulness, Tique Stone products release enveloping fragrances in various forms to tune out negativities with the use of beautifully designed items.

  • Coconut blend, wax, poured with an essential oil blend.

  • Brass vessel with onyx lid.

  • 12 oz

  • Aromatique is dedicated to providing the best. Best in products, best in design and marketing, and the best in customer service. Diversity and respect for ideas and creativity is encouraged throughout our company as we create fragrances designed to reawaken your most fond memories and enhance the home.