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Aromatique The Smell of Spring Room Fragrance Spray and Decorative Fragrance Bundle Featuring a Gute Carrying Bag (3 Piece Bundle)

Brand: Aromatique


  • THE SMELL OF SPRING ROOM SPRAY by AROMATIQUE Use Aromatique room sprays to add fragrance to a room or an artificial Christmas tree, refresh smoke-laden air, refresh hotel room while traveling, freshen the air after cooking, or enhance gift packaging, cards or stationery. Aromatique's The Smell of Spring - an enchanting array of spring flowers scented with the fragrance of hyacinth.
  • THE SMELL OF SPRING POTPOURRI: This is a 6 oz bag of Smell of Spring potpourri. The fragrance is that of fresh hyacinth blossoms.
  • This Bundle Features a Gute carrying bag



Aromatique is dedicated to providing the best. Best in products, best in design and marketing, and the best in customer service. Diversity and respect for ideas and creativity is encouraged throughout our company as we create fragrances designed to reawaken your most fond memories and enhance the home.