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Alvarez Gomez Eau de Cologne Concentrated


* Masculine cologne from Madrid's oldest perfumery
* Perfect blend of modern and classic
* Scented with Alvarez Gomez's Barberia fragrance: bergamot, ginger, labdanum, rhubarb, coliander, cedar, sandalwood, and white musk


From century-old perfumer and grooming company, Alvarez Gomez, comes a new scent. The Barberia line is design specifically for the traditional shaving devotee. The unisex aroma has been a classic in Spain for decades, but this scent it more direct at the masculine groomer: Alvarez Gomez Barberia Concentrated Eau de Cologne.

The Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada Eau de Cologne uses natural, essential oils to create a sense of well-being. This elegant scent warms on the skin and gives a long-lasting aroma. It compliments the brand's values - fresh, natural, identifiable.

Alvarez Gomez has long been known for its Agua de Colonia Concentrada scent. With Barberia, it introduces a more masculine scent. The combination of various Mediterranean flowers and fruits offers a playful, tangy top note that is refreshing and subtly seductive, while the sandlewood, cedar, and white musk base notes offer an Oriental-woody core.

Size: 150 ml

Made in Spain