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Algologie Hydra Ecume - Oxygenating Cleansing Foam 120ml - 4oz

SKU: Algologie_VNA101


  • This airy foam enriched with remineralising and oxygenating ingredients cleanses the skin gently. Ideal for women who like to cleanse with water, it leaves a feeling of freshness without drying the skin.
  • GREEN & CLEAN FORMULAS. A rigorous and safe natural formulation charter for the skin; A LOCAL SOURCING. 80% of our natural marine active ingredients are sourced in Brittany.
  • RESULTS; Cleansed from impurities, the skin can breathe. The skin is clean, smooth and radiant. SENSORIALITY; Light and airy foam. Cleanses perfectly. Formula that oxygenates the skin cells.
  • 100% MADE IN FRANCE. A laboratory and a factory in Brittany.
  • DIRECTIONS; Morning and evening, apply to face and massage gently. Rinse with clear water. Tone with Alga marine Lotion.