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ALGOLOGIE ARMOR · FRANCE Nuit des Vagues - Hydra-Replenishing Sleeping Mask, 50 ML - 1.7 oz

SKU: Algologie_VNA206


  • This unique mask quences and replenishes the skin by acting throughout the night, for supple skin that is visibly plumped and infinitely soft on waking
  • Upon waking, the skin is plumped and filled out. Nuit des Vagues - Hydra-Replenishing Sleeping Mask helps improving face complexion that gives brighter and more radiant skin and signs of fatigue disappear
  • Nuit des Vagues - Hydra-Replenishing Sleeping Mask is an Ultra-fresh and light water-gel texture that is not greasy. It also have a fresh and delicate scent
  • Fine lines and dryness are diminished. On waking the complexion is luminous and fresh. Signs of fatigue have vanished and you are ready to face the day
  • Directions: Apply a generous layer at night to the face, neck and décolleté. Can also be used as a day mask. Apply a thick layer and leave on for 15 minutes. The complexion is brighter and more radiant. Signs of fatigue disappear. Upon waking, the skin is soft and filled out

The main advantage of Algologie products from the prime seaweed chosen to the advanced extraction process is the natural power of the seaweed drawn from the heart of the ocean.


An ultra fresh and soft jelly cream that is light and totally non-oily. It acts all night to hydrate skin, plump up cells and restore radiance.


  • Algo4 Marine Extract Complex: 4 seaweed extracts to protect, oxygenate, nourish and stimulate skin.
  • Codium: Acts as a natural moisturising factor.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Very powerful and instant hydration leaving skin fresh and comfortable.
  • Aloe Vera: Quenches a dry thirsty skin and retains moisture.
  • Salicornia: Reduces trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Allantoin: Sooths, repairs and freshens skin.
  • Gulf Stream Seawater: Icy cold and fresh with essential minerals and trace elements to re-mineralise and rebalance skin.