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Air Repair Skincare Protect + Prevent Hydrating Serum

SKU: AirRepair_AR9-S1
  • PROTECTIVE AND SKIN-ENRICHING - Air Repair Skincare Protect & Prevent Hydrating Serum is a skin-enhancing, antioxidant formula that helps protect against environmental stressors while providing an immediate boost of moisture
  • ADVANCED FORMULA - Inspired by the need to help skin combat harsh climates, this serum utilizes Cold Resistant Technology, which helps the skin adapt to temperature extremes
  • ANTI-AGING BENEFITS - This serum's silky-smooth formula protects on contact and transforms the skin to create a smoother texture and more radiant glow. With continued usage, the powerful anti-oxidants and hydrating agents will help prevent the appearance of aging.
  • WHAT’S IN – Featured ingredients include: Vitamins C and E (Protects from free-radicals and sun damage), Cloudberry Seed Oil (Adapts to temperature extremes), Hyaluronic Acid: (Lubricates cells, hydrates), Papilactyl D (Increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles), Pentavitin (reduces dry skin flakiness and itchiness, instantly hydrates)
  • WHAT’S OUT - Contains no Parabens, Petroleum, and Mineral Oil. It is also vegan and cruelty free.