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Acqua Dell'Elba Mare Fragrance Diffuser 200ml 6.8 oz

SKU: AcquaDell'Elba_Mare200ml

When you experience that first swim in the morning, the caress of the wind that fills your sails and the fresh fragrance of that solitary cove, this is the fragrance that will remind you of the essence of an island: Mare, The Sea.

Mare (pronounced "MAR-ay") is a fresh harmony with the notes of lemon, rosemary, sea-lily, marine algae, marine cistus and the wood of Mediterranean shrubs.

Our 2,500ml size is considered a special order item although we do sometimes have the Mare 2,500ml in stock. If you would like to purchase this size and it shows as 'Not Available', please email or use the contact feature in the bottom right corner of the page for more information on delivery times.

Size: 200ml

Brand: The Acqua dell'Elba story begins in Marciana Marina on the northern coast of Elba - an island in the Tuscan Archipelago. According to the legend, Venus lost her necklace during a sea bath and the pearls scattered in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It created a beautiful string of islands with Elba as the most beautiful of its jewels.