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Acqua dell'Elba Altrove Eau De Parfum EDP 50ml Unisex

SKU: AcquaDell'elba_12I


Here, in Altrove, the strength of a man is born. Out of time and beyond fashion, in a journey to rediscover the nature of the self.

Inspired by the island of Montecristo with its charm, its mystery and its remoteness.

A fragrance suitable for a man or woman, created with the notes of:
Fruits: Strawberry tree berries

Flowers: Jasmine, rose, tobacco, iris

Woods and Spices: Juniper, cypress, Mediterranean shrubs, incense


Through the exhilarating fragrances of the plants of Isola D’Elba and with the caress of the wind filling our sails, our vessel sailed smoothly over a sea ready to reveal its secrets to us.


That was our inspiration; a desire to relive that experience, to create a perfume.

Not just a fragrance, but an essence like no other, the perfume of the sea.