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Acacia Wood Heart Shaped Bowls - Fair Trade, Sustainably Harvested (10")

SKU: Acacia_HeartBowl


  • Hand-carved in the Philippines from sustainably harvested acacia wood and treated with certified food safe finish.
  • Each piece of our acacia wood collection is hand-crafted at a small family-run workshop. Thanks to this work, they have been providing employment for a team of 130 rural men and women.
  • We also love that this enterprise is run by the women of the family!
  • Recommended hand-wash only. Each item comes with an informational card.
  • Measures 10" x 1.7" high.


With production headquarters in Kenya, Acacia Creations now works in 7 countries across Africa and Asia with a network that touches thousands of artisan partners.  We go beyond fair trade by creating jobs, providing training, and giving back to communities through our education and healthcare initiatives.


It’s easy to forget the impact our purchases have on the world around us.  At Acacia Creations we try to show how closely connected you really are with artisan producers a world away.  By purchasing ethically made goods, you make a very real impact on the daily lives of people in the most impoverished communities.