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Vita Citral Moisturizing Hand Cream for Dry Hands 100ml + 33% Free - Intense Soothing and Softening Cream for Dry Hands

SKU: VitaCitral_201



Dry Hands


Vita Citral® Moisturizing Cream moisturizes dry hands from the first application. The skin is protected and its barrier function restored. Its velvety texture leaves a soft, non-greasy, non-sticky protective layer on the skin. The skin is immediately comfortable.


Apply with a light massage as often as necessary.


Shea Butter, Plant Glycerin and Grape Seed Oil


VITA CITRAL ® commits to taking care of your hands with an effective line of products that give them maximum protection and comfort. ASEPTA LABORATORIES has created 4 innovative formulas that are non-greasy, oil free and that absorb easily and quickly for thorough and effective hand care.