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Vita Citral Hydra-Defense Hand Balm for Dry Hands 75ml - Intense Soothing and Softening Balm for Dry Hands

SKU: VitaCitral_253



Very dry Hands, Roughness, Extreme Conditions


Vita Citral® Hydra-Defense Hand Balm intensely hydrates very dry hands from the first application. It offers protection to hands exposed to extreme conditions such as the cold or frequent washing. Its gentle formula respects and softens the skin, reduces roughness and soothes irritations to provide lasting comfort.


Use as often as necessary. Most effective when applied in the evening to benefit from skin regeneration while sleeping. A small amount is enough.


Echium Oil, Sea-Buckthorn Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Imperata Cylindrica, Trehalose and Enoxolone.


VITA CITRAL ® commits to taking care of your hands with an effective line of products that give them maximum protection and comfort. ASEPTA LABORATORIES has created 4 innovative formulas that are non-greasy, oil free and that absorb easily and quickly for thorough and effective hand care.