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Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor Serum With Peptide | Epidermal Growth Factor Serum and Collagen Night Cream - 1.0 Ounce

SKU: CliniciansComplex_753CC


Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor Serum is the perfect product for cell regeneration and skin repair.

GROWTH FACTOR: Formulated and equipped with Epidermal Growth Factor, scientifically formulated to help in skin cell regeneration and skin repair, bringing back your youthful self. Our group of cosmetic leading pharmacists in skin-care cosmeceuticals tediously studied and designed a serum with growth factors to combat early signs of aging.

Skin aging will be everyone's biggest heartache as they age. This is the time where your skin breaks down through wear and tear, and any factors such as sunlight and air may increase the skin's aging process where it loses its firmness and elasticity from the aging process.

BENEFITS: It keeps the skin plump and moist and serves as the best anti-aging treatment. The perfect skincare product that aides the increase in collagen production by 119 percent, cell renewal and skin repair.

HOW TO USE: Apply to clean skin twice daily (AM and PM). Gently massage with slow upward motion. Make sure you wash and dry your face before use.