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Clinicians Complex Peptide Plus Cream-2 oz

SKU: CliniciansComplex_725CC


Make Your Skin Wrinkle Free and Radiant

Make your skin lively and radiant with the help of Clinicians Complex Peptide Plus Cream. This specially formulated cream comes to the rescue of those people who face skin issues like wrinkles, dull skin and worn out skin at an early age. Clinicians Complex Peptide Plus Cream also contains hyaluronic acid that helps in retaining moisture on your skin.

  • Contains anti-aging peptides
  • Retains skin moisture
  • Helps in preventing skin damage
  • For normal, mature, and dry skin types

Regular use of this cream helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin soft and smooth.

Just for you: For normal, mature, and dry skin types

A Closer Look: The peptides present in the cream have anti-aging qualities. It also contains strength lipids that help correct and repair the skin barrier function. These lipids also protect, regenerate, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss in the skin.

You Won't Find: Harmful chemicals

Get Started: Gently massage the cream into cleansed skin. Apply twice daily (AM & PM), or use as directed by your physician or skin care specialist.