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BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare Vegan Prebiotic Lip Balm 3 Pack (3 pcs)



Prebiotic nutrition for soft, healthy lips

Deeply hydrating lip balm instantly locks in moisture for soft happy lips from sunrise to bedtime.

Feed your lips’ delicate skin with caring all plant-based nutrition enriched with balancing prebiotic care.

Prebiotics are nutrients feeding your skin microbiome to help create a healthy, balanced environment.

Natural │ Plant-based │ Vegan

100% Clean │ 0% Questionable

Feed your skin with: shea butter, sunflower seeds, soy and jojoba

Size: 0.15 oz (325 mL)

Natural │ Plant-Based │ Vegan

Natural skin superfoods:

  • Sunflower seeds: high oleic oil known to be rich in plant fiber inulin, a very effective prebiotic
  • Shea Butter: Therapeutic skin softener and moisturizer
  • Soy: Hydrating proteins known to help even skin tone and texture
  • Jojoba Oil: The closest plant oil to skin’s own sebum, Jojoba oil softens skin from the inside out for increased skin elasticity


Healthy, Natural, Probiotic Skincare

Where smart, clinically-proven Probiotics (like the ones in your morning yogurt or kombucha) meet natural potent Superfoods to feed your skin the healthy nutrition it craves!

Our passion: health!

Body and mind. And good health starts with what we eat.

BIOMILK products are ALWAYS: Natural & Safe, Gentle, and Cruelty-free