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Frei Oel Anti Age Hyaluron Lift Day Cream 50ml

Brand: Frei Oel
SKU: FreiOel_9101


The revitalizing frei öl® ANTI AGE Day Care

is absorbed quickly, smoothes the skin’s surface and increases its elasticity. It provides the skin with a long-lasting supply of moisture and makes even deep wrinkles less pronounced using short-, medium and long-chain pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the cream’s innovative prebiotic technology, the skin flora is also strengthened in the best possible way, the balance of the skin’s natural barrier is maintained and also the signs of aging are counteracted. This product is ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin.
All ingredients are controlled in accordance with pharmaceutical principles.

  • Makes the skin 25% smoother with 3 types of pharmaceutical hyaluron
  • Reduces wrinkles by 34% with vitamin A and vitamin B3
  • Increases the skin’s elasticity by 12% with vitamin E
  • Firms the skin and preserves its elasticity with a patented collagen protection
  • Strengthens the skin flora with prebiotic technology

The frei öl® 4-WAY ANTI-AGE EFFECT:

1. Reduces wrinkles in a particularly intensive way: The combination of 3x pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid – made up of short-, middle- and long-chain hyaluronic acids – acts to the deepest layers of the skin.
2. Tightens the skin and preserves its elasticity with the unique, patented collagen protection.
3. Vitalizes and regenerates the skin with highly effective vitamins A and E plus other carefully selected ingredients.
4. Prevents skin aging by strengthening the skin flora thanks to the innovative prebiotic technology with valuable phytosterols from rapeseed.


Apply and gently massage into the face, neck and décolleté in the morning after cleansing.

Ideally suited as a make-up base
•  Prevention of the first wrinkles
•  Also ideal for women from the start of the menopause