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BBB LONDON Super Grip Tweezers

Brand: BBB London


Our super sleek, Super Grip Tweezers give you the ultimate precision in hair removal. Made from high quality stainless steel, our tweezers will get to grips with even the finest of hairs. So, for those of you who just can’t resist stray hairs (not even one). Slanted tweezers with extra grip to allow for easy and safe hair removal.
Expertly groom your arches with the Super Grip Tweezers from BBB London. Crafted from strong, durable stainless steel, the brow tool features precision angled tips to catch even the finest hairs, helping to create expertly shaped, sculpted and salon-worthy brows.
What it is: A super-sleek tweezer that has been ergonomically designed by Blink Brow Bar eyebrow experts.
What it does: It delivers the ultimate precision in hair removal. This tweezer will get to grips with even the finest hairs for neat, fast, hassle-free removal.
How to use; Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid hair breakage. Clean tweezers after each use.