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Nude Glass Arch Whisky Bottle, 30 Oz

Brand: NUDE Glass
SKU: Nude_92572-1049901


  • Part of the Arch Collection, this whiskey Bottle by Nude has a style that appears to defy logic.
  • Its base has subtle curvature that reflects the swirl of the drink inside the bottle. Made from high quality crystal glass, this Arch Whiskey Bottle has the capacity of 30 Oz.
  • Items in the Arch Collection are perfectly balanced and can solidly sit on any surface.
  • Complete the luxurious style of your kitchen or home bar with the Arch whisky tumblers available separately.


We live in a confusing world; too many choices, too many products, too much 'noise'.
NUDE believes things can be different; the remedy is simple.

Simple is Beautiful

Simple is pure. Simple is essential. And the idea of simplicity is the guiding principle of NUDE. NUDE believes Less is More and that Form is best when it meets Function. NUDE refines everything to its essence, decluttering and distilling. This makes the final object simple to both understand and use. The result is perfectly reflected in NUDE crystalline glass.

Design Led

Design is at the heart of NUDE. Our portfolio of glassware is designed by a pool of leading international talents. NUDE is always at the forefront of innovative ideas and develops dynamic collaborations with a wide roster of artists and designers. NUDE prides itself on being brave, non-conformist, and individual, our products delivering a level of quality and imagination that is unparalleled.