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L'Atelier du Vin 095512-5 Oeno Motion Black-Wood Lever Corkscrew

SKU: LAtelierDuVin_95512


  • UNBEATABLE : Open your bottle of wine very quickly! An easy, fast and convenient up-and-down movement will allow you to enjoy your favorite wines thanks to the Oeno Motion Black & Wood corkscrew!
  • AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE : No more stress when times come to open a bottle of wine! The Oeno Motion Black & Wood does (almost!) all the work. Poistion it properly, lower and then raise the lever, and you're done!
  • A FUNCTIONAL TOOL : The Oeno Motion Black & Wood corkscrew is compact and practical: it has an ergonomic handle for a pleasant and firm grip. Equipped with an essential capsule cutter, it will fit most necks.
  • ELEGANCE FOR WINE ENTHUSIAST : For L’Atelier du Vin, wine is synonymous with refinement. The Oeno Motion Black & Wood corkscrew is the perfect example. With its compact shape, it combines a technical finish with the obvious beauty of the ergonomic solid wood handle. Timeless. Delivered in a premium gift box, covered with matte black paper.
  • CONVENIENT : Corkscrews differ like wines and tastes. The Oeno Motion Black & Wood corkscrew is designed to please the greatest number by its practicality and elegance. Try it!


L’Atelier du Vin has been creating exclusive wine tools since 1926.
Our family business has now become the oenology specialist, from cellar to table.
Our in house design studio and workshop design and produce new products ; for our catalogue as well as for special orders.