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Roots Rose Radish - Solid Perfume - Vetiver & Lemongrass Fragrance - All Natural & Organic (.25 Oz)

SKU: RootsRoseRadish_Vetiver


  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - We believe in clean beauty; our Solid Perfumes use quality ingredients that are sustainable, synthetic free, non toxic and hypoallergenic including: Expertly formulated blends of the best essential oils. Cold pressed, unrefined organic Jojoba oil for a slow release of scent, which also acts as a moisturizing salve for the skin with naturally occurring vitamin E and vitamin B. And Beeswax which bonds the scent to the skin and provides for a luxuriously smooth application.
  • Calming VETIVER ROOT & uplifting LEMONGRASS fragrances - this parfum gets invigorating citrus notes from organic lemongrass essential oil. Organic vetiver essential oil is nourishing, strengthening and grounding.
  • RELAX WITH PEACE OF MIND - Our fragrances are specially formulated by a Clinically Trained Herbalist & Midwife. This is a clean fragrance that will soothe your mind & body, imbuing your space with earthy and uplifting citrus musk aroma to elevate mood & ambiance; a handsome and balanced perfume for women and men to enjoy.
  • MAKE PERFECT GIFTS - This refreshing scent is held in an enlivened green turbo seashell that doubles as a handsome compact. The seashells are perfectly portable, you can take this fragrance on the go, it fits easily in a bag or pocket and unlike a roll on perfume oil, cologne or a body spray, you’ll never have to worry about it going anywhere. The balm is a truly versatile womens perfume, a perfect gift for anyone.
  • MADE IN THE USA - All of our scents are ethically made in small batches, they are hand poured in our Los Angeles studio.