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Eight & Bob Annicke Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray (Annicke 6) Floriental, Woody, Ambery

SKU: Eight&Bob_32-99EBP2006_SF


ANNICKE 6 is a Bewitching, complex and refined.

A sensuous, beautifully blended oriental spicy scent enriched by balmy woody notes with a milky facet providing a modern addictive sensuality. Bergamot and Carnation represent her classy sophistication juxtaposed by Sichuan Pepper to accentuate her passionate side. Heart notes of Rose and Amber soften the tone. Base notes of warm, rich Indian Sandalwood couple with tenacious Labdanum to round out this well-balanced mixture. Garnished with highly desired Benzoin, this unique aroma embodies the true value of its components.

TOP NOTES   Sichuan Pepper – Bergamot – Carnation
HEART NOTES   Rose Abs – Cinnamon Madagascar – Amber
BASE NOTES   Sandalwood – Indian Labdanum – Benzoin

Brand: Eight & Bob is a fragrance house whose exclusive scents date from the early twentieth century. It is a limited production of unique scents for both elegant men and women for everyday use.