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Solinotes Hand Cream 1 oz (Rose)

Brand: Solinotes
SKU: Solinotes_HandRose_650876

The chic, sophisticated Rose is the ultimate expression of grace & feminity. Let yourself be carried away with the sparlking,full-bodied and mischievous floral notes.

Your new favorite product for keeping your hands moisturized, soft and smelling good..

♥ 30ml handcream made in France
♥ With Shea butter
♥ Tolerance tested under dermatological control
♥ No phtalates, no parabens

♥ Lightly colored cream (soft pink)
♥ Reparing, hydrating and nourishing
♥ Rich, smooth texture
♥ Absorbs quickly, non-Greasy, no sticky residue 
♥ For soft and supple hands!