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Solinotes Hand Cream 1 oz (Grenade Pomegranate)

Brand: Solinotes
SKU: Solinotes_HandPomegrante_620879

The fruity of explosion of Pomegranate delivers a real boost of energy. Give off good vibes and awaken your senses with the crisp juicy notes of fresh berries.

Your new favorite product for keeping your hands moisturized, soft and smelling good..

♥ 30ml handcream made in France
♥ With Shea butter
♥ Tolerance tested under dermatological control
♥ No phtalates, no parabens

♥ Lightly colored cream (soft pink)
♥ Reparing, hydrating and nourishing
♥ Rich, smooth texture
♥ Absorbs quickly, non-Greasy, no sticky residue 
♥ For soft and supple hands!