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Solinotes Body Cream (Fleur de Cerisier Cherry)

Brand: Solinotes
SKU: Solinotes_BodyCherry_550879

In the heart of springtime, recharge yourself in the middle of flowering Cherry orchards. Wrap yourself in this delicate and fruity scent that signals a new beginning.

Solinotes Body Balm will be your skins go-to for staying touchably soft, supple and moisturized.

♥ 200ml body balm made in France.
♥ With Shea butter and argan oil
♥ Tolerance tested under dermatological control
♥ No phtalates, no parabens

♥ Creamy texture
♥ Locks in moisture, non-greasy
♥ Softens skin and leaves it feeling silky & supple 
♥ Nourishing, prevents drying out