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Brand: Schöne

Awaken your romantic senses and revive your passion late into the night. These bath bombs will make your love life alive and vibrant!

One bath bomb is a bathing experience like no other. Exotic butters, moisturize. Essentail oils rejuvenate & relax. Simply fill the tub and Add one bath bomb. Your water instantly becomes a tonic of happiness. Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential & fragrances oils, cocoa butter,coconut oil, rice bran/olive oil blend & fd&c colorants. each bomb weighs approximately 2.4 ounces

Made With Essential Oils Blends our 8 Romantic and Naughty scents of Desire, Desire, Passion, Aphrodisiac, Lust, Crave, Affection, INtamate and love will awake Your Romantic Senses Tonight!
Makes For A Perfect Gift For Mothers day and All Romantic Occasions. Fizzy seduction, Love potion - Treat yourself out tonight!
Astonishingly rich in minerals Ease muscle discomfort Help circulation and soften skin
No Artificial Colors or Dyes to leave Tub Stained, Washes Away Clean. Beautifully Packaged & Made Fresh to Order
100% Natural, Fun, Fragrant And Pampering Every detail of this product is created with love and will make you or anyone who gets it as a gift feel special and loved. Made In the USA!