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Rigaud Reine De La Nuit Bougie D'ambiance Parfumee

Brand: Rigaud

Reine de la Nuit (Queen of the Night) is a light and sensual fragrance created around a lavish and mysterious flower. A heady oriental scent like an evening melody… Reine de la Nuit is a part of Rigaud's Oriental Fragrance Family which are soft and sensual taking their richness from the finest precious natural materials like vanilla and amber, like an intoxicating elixir, or frankincense drops with their mysterious scent.
Rigaud scented candles are presented in a thick glass container, decorated with a hand-tied embossed satin ribbon, and a silver-metal snuffer cap
Medium candle has 170 grams (5.6 oz) of soft wax
Approximately 60 hours of fragrance when burned
Rigaud candles are considered by many to be the finest, most elegant and highest quality candles made in the world today.