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Projekt Glitter Eco Face Glitter: Ocean Set

SKU: PGlitter_FaceSetOcean

The Ocean biodegradable glitter collection is made from plants, not plastic. Bathe in the turquoise and aqua hues of this conscious glitter collection. Perfect for bringing out the mermaid (or merman) in you! 

* NEW * With updated packaging, our new sets come in glass test tubes containing 25% more glitter.

Simply add a small amount of gel or balm to the area you would like covered in glitter and use a small brush to apply the glitter.


Our environmentally friendly glitter is made from natural compostable plant-based materials. It is EU certified biodegradable and will compost naturally in soil and seawater in the presence of bacteria- don't worry it won't biodegrade in the packet!


Bringing connection & awareness through glitter

Founded in 2016, Projekt Glitter is the conscious festival brand for fun-loving individuals.

Sharing glitter brings us joy. This is how the idea behind Projekt Glitter started & what we want people to experience when using our products. We encourage our customers to share, because it’s in these moments when the true beauty of glitter shines.

Most glitter is microplastic, containing toxic ingredients, is impossible to recycle & takes over 1000 years to degrade. We’re happy to provide a sustainable alternative.

We will continue to improve our products and be fully transparent with you, but we can’t do this alone. We need strong spirits who live with awareness & with open hearts to lead the change.