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Philippi Humpty Dumpty Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Brand: Philippi
SKU: Philippi_HumptyDumpty_S&PShaker


This salt and pepper shaker set is made for all of those people, who see the positive things in life. HUMPTY DUMPTY is especially designed to neither fall over nor lose  his precious content, when he’s toppled.  The set was honored with the Design Award #Form 2004 and is also available in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.


Passion, style, personality, precision, functionality, purism, zeitgeist, beauty, uniqueness, craftsmanship.

Jan Philippi sees the beauty in things and transforms them into artistic pieces. No-nonsense items bearing a unique mark and style. He rises to life’s challenges and offers durable products for an ever-changing world. Products that capture your heart, for yourself or as gifts for others.