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O'Douds All Natural Citrus Forest Shampoo

Brand: O'Douds

Cleanses Hair Of The Dirt, Grease & Grime Of A Hard Day's Work
Moisturizes & Rejuvenates Hair For A Soft & Manageable Finish With A Citrus Forest Scent Of Bergamot, Cedar & Sage To Delight The Senses
Almost Every Shampoo On The Market Strips Hair Of Its Natural Oils, Which Is Not The Healthiest Way To Treat & Nourish Scalp + Hair. This Is NOT A Degreasing Shampoo (A Shampoo Designed To Fully Remove Pomade Buildup), But Rather, A Shampoo Designed To Keep The Hair + Scalp Healthy & Moisturized
All Natural, Handcrafted & Well-Sourced
8 oz